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                用戶中心 意見反饋

                Core Product

                Own-brand manufacture with leading technology and absolute influence  on the motor industry.



                 Generator Set

                About Us

                The leading enterprise in the motor production industry

                         We started in 1963, has more than half a century of researching and manufacturing experience on electric motors。Transformed in 2008, a high standard and modern production base of electric motors is fast growing.

                Shandong Sunvim Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd is invested by Sunvim Group who has ten billions of market value. With 860 million RMB investments, it covers an area of 240,000 square meters, and with total construction area of 150,000 square meters. The company has advanced equipments of more than 500 sets, including manufacturing, testing and supporting facilities. The annual production capacity can reach 10 million kilowatts.

                Now, a modern professional enterprise specializes in production, distribution, R&D and customer service of electric motors has been grown up.

                And the company is sailing forward under the cultivation of Sunvim Group.

                News Center

                Sunvim  Inspire Your Life


                Own-brand manufacture with leading technology and absolute influence on the motor industry.